Date of birth: 14/03/89
Place of Birth: Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Height: 186cm
Weight: 74kg
Category: Elite
Teams: 2014 - Union Cycliste Nantes Atlantique
            2013 - Hennebont Cyclisme
            2012 - Terra Footwear - Bicycle Line
            2011 - GWR / Swindon Cycles / Spiuk / High5 / ScottWilson
            2010 - GWR / Swindon Cycles / Spiuk / High5 / ScottWilson
            2009 - Pendragon - Le Col - Colnago
            2008 - Team Tor 2000
            2007 - Team Tor 2000
            2006 - Team Tor 2000

Likes: Coffee. Tea and everything quintessentially British. Building stuff. Getting teary eyed over how beautiful the English countryside can be when the sun is actually out. Milling about in London and/or Bristol, pretending I'm a hipster. That really satisfying first wee in the morning. Pasties! Reading books and looking at pretty pictures.

Dislikes: Building bikes, fixing bikes, mending bikes, spending money on bikes. Bikes. People who use all the loo roll up and don't change it. Not having any milk for cereal in the morning (I don't function without breakfast!) Faffing about. People who talk bollocks.