27 November, 2013


In the real world you have to do things other than bike riding and eating, and for this reason I’ve put the blog to one side a little recently. It’s no bad thing because it means I’ve been super-duper busy, which I love.

The week before last I travelled to Nantes for the 2014 team get together which was certainly special!
Things that were ticked off the list:

- Carrying/dragging a 30kg bike bag most of the way across a French city, in the rain.
- Exploring Nantes city centre for a few evenings, and staying at a swanky hotel.
- Meeting the riders and management staff.
- Running around a forest in plimsolls with a load of French boys.
Getting a bit drunk, standing on a chair and making a short speech in a foreign language.
- Sleeping in a barn.
- Doing some BMX-ing and not breaking any bones! (I’m not sure I did it right).

It can be classed as a big success, although it did completely destroy me as I was ill when I went out there and even ill-er on my return. I’m back to my old self now (finally), thankfully, after getting quite bored not being able to train.

It’s just as well too: I’m writing this from the sunny climes of Tenerife. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! I’m plotting a monstrous ride for Sam and I tomorrow, so it’s not all fun and games, but I’m really happy and grateful to be out here.

There’s no internet at our place so to post this I’ve snuck around the back of Maccy Ds to steal their wifi.

Living. The. Dream.

Ciao for now Chicas!

04 November, 2013

I tried to goblet squat a 56kg kettlebell today!

I failed. That’s my story.

Seriously though, what even is that? It’s the weight of a small person! The gym is coming along swimmingly (probably the wrong metaphor to use there, although I do sweat a lot). It can be a bit tough sometimes because weights are, you know, quite weighty, and then during the afternoon of gym days I’m out on the bike for a medium length ride with efforts. Still, I’m moving forwards and if it was easy everyone would do it!

One of my current habits at the gym is to either not feel the exercise at all, or to feel it in completely the wrong muscles. It usually goes something like this…

Chris (my personal trainer): So this one should really focus on your hamstrings now.
Me: Ahhh, yeah. Erm. I’m feeling it mostly in the backs of my knees.
Chris: Really? Not through the hamstrings at all?
Me: Nah. In fact, when I said mostly, I meant only in my knees!
Chris: I see… *confused face*

Other than training, I went up to Colchester to get a heart scan with the people at CRY. It’s a really great charity and well worth doing if you’re between the ages of 14-35. They say ignorance is bliss, but in this case it’s important to know if you have a problem!

I also dressed up as a Dinosaur and did some twerking. Wow, I’m a teenager. I’m off to France on Friday for a team bonding weekend so that should be a laugh. I’ll tell you how it goes when I’m back. Ciao for now!